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"Talent lies within us."

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Mr. White

Title: Inspiring to become a Musician

Name: Xavier White

Age: 18

Location: West Hollywood, California/Clifton Park, NY

It’s nice to see good talent come from even back home where I’m from. My next interviewee is a friend from home who has the ability to go far with pursuing his music. Xavier’s music career is still starting out but he has already took the leap of taking it as far as Hollywood, California. Xavier is still currently unsigned and working solo with his music career. With so many friends & family behind him determined that he can make it is only making him stronger and driven to keep going.  

Tell me a little bit about yourself…”I was born in Miami, FL and when I was about 6 years old I moved to Albany, NY. I am the only boy out of 4 sisters, and graduated from Shenendehowa High School, in Clifton Park, NY. I was the first man to graduate high school in my immediate family. I never really had a father figure in my life. I was just a 19 year old with a dream of becoming a star, but thats everybody’s dream.”

What is your ultimate goal? “My ultimate goal is to succeed in conquering the world with my music, letting everyone know you can  do it if you have a dream and ambition.”

What or who inspires you? “My family inspires me, and my friend who are my number one fans. They are the people that motivate me to keep going on with the music I do. And generally…the competition. I love to enhance myself by channeling into other musicians music and seeing what I can do better to oversee what that musician did.”

What is motivating you that is keeping you driven everyday? “Life. Everyday I wake up I throw some water on my face and plan in my head “how can I make this day a day I can never forget?” Simply I live life on the edge. I believe everyone as we know it has a job that god or god’s want us to achieve for the better of that person. Incredibly music makes me more of a person ready to be inspired or to inspire other peers or fans.”

If you could give one piece of advice for people who wish to follow in your footsteps what would it be? “If you want something go get it because there is not a damn thing stopping you. Many people came from the gutter to the top. It isn’t hard, you just gotta want it everyday. You wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “now lets go do it again.” 

Below is a sneak peek video of Xavier singing. You can also check out more of his music @ www.reverbnation.com/Dj3xtacsy 

xoxo J.O

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Poison Ivory

Title: Self Made Mogul

Name: Poison Ivory aka Ivory Coast

Age: Early 20’s

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn

You may have seen Poison Ivory on MTV’s Road Rules (season 14) doing what she does best which is being herself… but this young talented lady is much more then just a reality personality. Ivory is on the go 24/7 between meetings, photoshoots, managing, or in the studio. Poison Ivory goes hard in what she does, whatever she imagines…she pursues it. Her range of talent is unlimited and she is definitely someone to watch out for as the next BIG thing. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself…”I like to call myself a mini Mogul. You might have seen me on the MTV network doing a show by the name of Road Rules Viewers Revenge (season 14). I also consider myself a Fashionista and have credits on my resume to prove such. I worked also along side celebrity stylist O’neal McKnight assisting him on projects such as Jagged Edge, Short Dogg, and Megan Rochelle to name a few. Currently I’m working on an Online Internet Radio Show with one of my best friends and my LP. But ultimately I’m such a young lady with a vision who is obsessed with petticoats and tee-shirts :) “

What is your ultimate goal? “Well my ultimate goal is to establish myself as a Brand. Which while include an upcoming LP, Clothing, and Perfume Collection.”

What or who inspires you? “Katharine Hepburn is my biggest inspiration. She was the first woman to wear pants in Hollywood, a major deal in the 20’s and 30’s, and set the tone for generations to come. “I wear the pants in this relationship.” That has always been my motto. She commanded respect and I will only follow in her footsteps in my journey through this road of success.”

What is motivating you that is keeping you driven everyday? “My motivation comes from my peers. I have plenty of successful people within my circle which in my eyes is the key to becoming successful. If your around successful people you can just be a sponge and soak up all their knowledge, all their inspiration. The saying goes, “You are who you keep.”

If you could give one piece of advice for people who wish to follow in your footsteps what would it be? “Stay focused. Stay hungry. Stay humble, and don’t forget where you came from and who helped you along your journey.”

Poison Ivory’s vision is to have her team be a team of women. To me personally I think that is amazing. To be able to show that women have the power and strength to be in the game doing as much as anyone else is incredible. I give Ivory all the props to push this vision!

You can check out Poison Ivory more below doing an interview with Mz. Berry and one of her songs. Follow her on twitter @ www.twitter.com/ivorypoison and on blogspot @ www.ivorypoison.blogspot.com

xoxo J.O